Where To Buy Cardboard Moving Boxes on a Budget in Belfast

Jan 30, 2024

We’ve all been there: you’ve got a mountain of stuff to pack, but the problem is finding affordable yet quality boxes. With all the packing of your belongings, it can be tempting to just throw everything into a few cheap cardboard boxes. However, taking the time to buy decent moving boxes and supplies can save you hassle and cash. In Belfast, this can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

To help make your move easier, we have outlined all the types of places in Belfast that offer quality yet affordable moving boxes and supplies. You have more options than you may think when it comes to scoring a good deal on the right sizes and types of moving boxes, packing paper, tape, and more.

How To Choose the Right Cardboard Box for a Move

cardboard moving boxes of different sizes

Picking which types and sizes of cardboard boxes to use for your upcoming move may seem like a minor choice. However, the right boxes can protect your belongings, make packing easier, save space, and streamline the unpacking process on the other end. Take these critical factors into account when choosing your moving boxes.

The Size Boxes You Need

When it comes to moving, one size does not fit all. Imagine trying to fit your favourite lamp into a box meant for books or wrestling with an oversized box for a handful of DVDs. That’s why understanding the range of box sizes is crucial:

Box Size Ideal For
Small Books, DVDs, Small Appliances
Medium Clothing, Shoes, Household Items
Large Bedding, Pillows, Lampshades


The Type of Boxes You Need

The world of cardboard boxes isn’t one size fits all. Think about investing in specialised boxes designed for specific items to protect your belongings:


  • Standard Boxes: As discussed above, your standard square boxes come in small, medium, and large.
  • Wardrobe Boxes: These help you transport your clothes without getting them wrinkled. Hang them up in the box, and voila, a wrinkle-free arrival!
  • Archive Boxes: These are ideal for important documents. Sturdy and stackable, these boxes will keep your paperwork organised and secure.


Buying these specialised boxes might seem like an extra step and an unnecessary cost, but it pays off in the long run. Your delicate items will thank you.

Opt for Quality Boxes

Avoid thin, single-ply cardboard that is prone to collapsing. Double-skinned cardboard boxes with high tear and burst strength ratings provide excellent durability. Look for strong yet lightweight boxes rather than lower-quality cardboard. Sturdy boxes protect your belongings from damage in transit.

Best Places To Buy Cheap Cardboard Boxes in Belfast

A resident of Belfast buying a cardboard box from an establishment

Online Retailers

Large online stores offer convenience and competitive pricing on all types of moving supplies. For example, Amazon and Uline provide free shipping once you order a certain amount. Browse best sellers and customer reviews to find quality discounted box assortments. Also, check eBay and Craigslist for used boxes that are in good shape.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

  • Subscribe for Alerts: Many online retailers offer discounts to subscribers. Sign up for newsletters to stay in the loop about promotions.
  • Read Reviews: Don’t just take our word for it. Check out customer reviews to ensure the quality and reliability of the boxes you’re eyeing.


Local Moving Companies

Established moving companies stock all sizes of cardboard boxes for clients at affordable prices. Swing by in person to inspect the box quality. Ask about package deals on combined purchases of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other supplies.

Self Storage Providers

Self storage facilities often sell a full range of cardboard moving boxes and other packaging materials on site, alongside storage units and locker rentals. Buying moving supplies when you reserve a storage unit saves time and money, providing the ultimate convenience. 

Other Essential Moving Supplies 

A couple using packaging supplies to move homes

Beyond sturdy cardboard boxes, you’ll need a few additional moving supplies in your packing arsenal:

  1. Protect delicate items with tissue paper or packing paper to prevent scratches and cushion bumps. Acid-free and lignin-free varieties safeguard heirlooms without contributing over time to deterioration. Choose paper over newsprint, which could rub off ink.
  2. Bubble wrap encapsulates breakables with protective air pockets. Opt for a small bubble rather than a large one for secure cushioning. Wrap artwork, ceramics, and electronics inside boxes to avoid shifting.
  3. Stock up on quality adhesive tape designed for sealing and labelling moving boxes. Duct tape works in a pinch, but clear, flat packing tape adheres better long-term. Look for tape resistant to UV rays and moisture. 
  4. Use permanent markers to label every sealed-up box with its contents and destination room. When you unpack, you won’t have to fish through every container and reopen every box.
  5. Protect furniture finishes from nicks and dings in transit by using protective covers. Softer pads do the cushioning while plastic protects them from any punctures.
  6. A sturdy, sharp utility knife simplifies cutting bubble wrap and tape without damaging box contents. Keep one handy for unpacking too.

Investing a little extra in the right protective materials makes moving less stressful from start to finish.

Buy Cheap Moving Boxes in Northern Ireland

Man packing boxes in a self storage unit

During a move, supplies, time, and effort can quickly add up. When you shop at The Self Storage Centre’s on-site packaging store, your sanity and money get saved with quality moving materials.

We offer all the essential cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and accessories movers need. Browse our diverse selection, including speciality boxes to securely pack clothing, dishware, artwork, and more during transitions. Get everything you need for smooth packing and unpacking before the big move. We’ll have you well equipped so you can focus on the adventure ahead!

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