Right Storage Option For You

Trying to decide on the right storage option for you can sometimes be a bit of an intimidating task. Firstly you are going to need a storage option that suits your needs and your budget, below is a short checklist on what you will need to take under consideration when looking for storage:

Location: Convenience is the key when it comes to self storage, perhaps the closest one is not the right one but you do not want to travel hours and hours to access your goods.
Flexibility of Company: Have a look at companies’ various opening and closing times, both during the day and the days and weeks of the year. If you require round the clock access to your storage unit, find a supplier who can provide it. What’s the point in having a unit which you can’t access when you need it the most. A good quality self storage company should be able to provide you with access when you need it the most. I would say you should try to avoid businesses that will leave you locked out of your storage unit and look for a store with guaranteed flexibility on access like here at The Storage Centre.
Cost: Some companies may come across like they are offering a good deal but many hidden extra charges can be found in the small print. Always read carefully the terms and conditions of a company to try and avoid anything like this happening. A good company should always be upfront with how much they are charging and won’t tie you into any lengthy contracts or charge you hidden fees. Try to be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true they more times than not are not like for like 3rd generation storage like we provide. By doing your research at this stage, you can be sure of finding the best deal for you.
Size of Unit: The size of your unit is very important as you don’t want to be only paying for what space you actually need, try to work out the size of the items that you wish to store and then decide what size unit best suits your requirements. All 3rd generation storage facilities will have various size units to choose from, DON’T pay for space you don’t need!
Security Measures: This is one of the most worrying things when it comes to people storing their goods with a 3rd party. Make sure the storage company you decide to go with can provide the best security measures possible, 24-hr constant CCTV, secure closing doors, locks on units and vigilant staff members, and they do all they can to protect your goods.