How Much Is a Storage Unit in Northern Ireland? 2024 Self Storage Prices

Jan 16, 2024

The self storage industry in Northern Ireland has experienced impressive growth over the last decade as more households and businesses opt to rent extra space for their belongings. Revenue across the market has expanded since 2014 as demand is rising steadily each year. 

This influx means more choices when finding the best storage facility for your needs at the right price. But, on average, how much is a storage unit in Ireland? What is too much or too little? This guide will discuss the average self storage unit prices you can expect to pay in Northern Ireland and what factors affect these costs. 

Are Storage Units Expensive in Northern Ireland?

A couple calculating costs for a self storage unit in Ireland

Compared to other parts of the UK and Ireland, self storage rates in Northern Ireland are quite affordable. Average prices in the province run 20–30% less than comparable facilities in England and Wales. 

Renters can expect to pay £85 on average for a 25 sq ft unit here versus £100-£125 per month for the same space just over the pond. 

If you need quality storage that fits your budget, Northern Ireland remains one of the most cost-effective options in the British Isles. 

If you choose a larger branded chain, their buying power and lower operating expenses keep monthly pricing reasonable for all sizes of storage units. Just watch out for added fees and deposits when comparing contracts. You’ll also find that self storage facilities require insurance to be taken out on your items, which on the lower scale comes to around £8 a month.

Storage Unit Prices in Northern Ireland (2024)

How much is a storage unit per month in Northern Ireland these days? The truth is, self storage prices are as diverse as the items people entrust to them. Factors like location, unit size, and amenities play an important role in the final price tag. 

On average, in 2024, self storage prices are estimated to range from £50–300+ per month, with exact rates scaling based on unit size, features, and location. 

While prices can vary, below is an approximate breakdown of average monthly costs for standard unit sizes offered across facilities in the province:

Unit Size (Sq Ft) Average Monthly Cost
15 sq ft £70
25 sq ft £85
50 sq ft £160
100 sq ft £240
200+ sq ft £365+

Note: Prices are estimated and subject to change based on location and additional services.

What Affects the Cost of a Self Storage Unit?

A TSSC self storage unit

Self storage rates don’t follow a simple one-size-fits-all pricing model across Northern Ireland. Several factors cause storage unit costs to vary among different facilities, including:

  1. Location: Property values influence base prices, with self storage units in urban Belfast typically costing more than rural areas.
  2. Unit Size: The bigger the storage unit, the higher the monthly cost in general. But size requirements depend on your specific belongings.
  3. Security Level: Basic storage has standard locks and perimeter fencing, while high-security options have added features like CCTV and individual alarms. This enhanced security translates to higher pricing.
  4. Accessibility: Some facilities allow 24/7 access to your unit. Others have set office hours and opening times. 
  5. Duration: The duration of your stay can influence the final bill, with longer stays being rewarded over short-term contracts.
  6. Supplemental Fees: Admin charges, deposits, loading access/equipment fees, insurance costs, and other incidentals also bump up total spending. Watch out for hidden costs!


When obtaining quotes for self storage, check exactly what features and unit specifics apply at each facility to figure out an exact cost comparison. 

What’s Included in the Self Storage Unit Price?

As you look around for self storage in Northern Ireland, it’s not just about finding the right space for your belongings but also finding a facility that should include the following in your monthly cost (and not as a separate fee):


  • Exclusive rental of the storage space for your use
  • Easy access to your unit
  • Security for your possessions
  • A clean and modern self storage unit maintained by the facility
  • CCTV security monitoring at complex entryways and perimeters
  • On-site staff offering professional help and advice
  • Flexible contracts for your ever-changing space needs
  • Staff to collect deliveries 


Additional Costs To Consider

A woman signing papers while chatting with a self storage employee

While your base rates will cover the physical space and some extra facility features, you’ll need to factor in a few extra costs when planning your storage space rental:


Protecting your belongings with insurance coverage involves an extra fee, but it’s a non-negotiable one. Self storage companies insure the building itself — not the contents inside units. Replacement value coverage is 100% your responsibility through either a standalone policy or one that will also attach your home/business insurance to your items in self storage (which is rarer than you think). 


Proper packing materials help protect your belongings from environmental or transport-related damage. Investing in quality boxes, bubble wrap, tissue, labels, and tapes specially designed for self storage packing purposes is the best thing you can do for your items and your budget. From sturdy boxes to bubble wrap that cradles delicate items, a good packaging store will mean you can make sure your items are properly ready for their new home.

Moving fees 

Unless you have a large vehicle and able-bodied helpers to manage a DIY move, you’ll find that hiring professional assistance guarantees a smooth storage transition. This cost varies based on load sizes, truck requirements, distance travelled, and the overall time involved. Hiring good movers lessens the hassles you’ll deal with. Some places will also have preferred partner arrangements with trusted, cost-effective removal companies on hand.

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