Cardboard Removals and Storage Boxes for Belfast and Northern Ireland from The Storage Centre

Now that Spring has arrived a lot of are in the process of moving house and as a result are in need of cardboard boxes for packing their belongings. The Storage Centre has just opened their own retail shop selling a full range of cardboard boxes and packing materials such as tape , mattress and sofa covers , bubblewrap , packaging paper , shrink pallet wrap and much much more.

Headley McCormick from The Moving Co who has 20 years experience with removals in Belfast and Northern Ireland handles all removals for The Storage Centre explained how important the need for good double walled cardboard boxes.

“One of the most overlooked issues when people are moving house is the use of good cardboard boxes , when people collect a variety of boxes from local shops they tend to be of poor quality , mainly single wall and are all odd shapes and sizes so we cant stack them on top of each other. Uniformed sized and double walled boxes can often mean only one removals run is needed rather than two plus if using a storage unit we can stack the unit much better, the fact that the boxes have no branding means you can clearly identify what is in each box by using a marker.“

Headley recommends the following items for each box size

Small Box :
Suitable for smaller items such as DVDs, CDs, Books, Ornaments , Crockey.

Medium Box :
Suitable for Shoes , larger books, pots and pans, glasses or small linens.

Large Box :
Suitable for Toys , large linen, pillows, cushions, duvets, pots and pans , TV Monitor / Playstation / Labtop

Wardrobe Carton:
Will easily store 30 clothing pieces upright and comes with a metal clothing rail

Cardboard boxes in Belfast can be hard to find , Being local with plenty of stock we can deliver to anywhere in Belfast or throughout Northern Ireland, have a look own our website or call in to our store anytime for a look around.