Packing, Moving and Transporting your Belongings

Frequently Asked Questions on Packing, Moving and Transporting your Belongings

Can I buy boxes and packing materials from The Storage Centre, and do you deliver?
Yes, we sell an extensive range of packing materials from boxes to bubble wrap. Packing materials can be bought in person from our office or you can order storage packs online and have them delivered to your door.

How do I transport my belongings?
If your own vehicle isn’t suitable for transporting your things to The Storage Centre, we can recommend local van hire and removal companies to help – often at discounted rates.

What about trolleys and pallet trucks?
There are a number of different size trolleys and pallet trucks available free of charge for customer use. If required we have access to a forklift truck available for any palletised goods, which can be operated on your behalf by one of our trained staff.