Cardboard Boxes Northern Ireland

Cardboard Boxes Northern Ireland  


Cardboard Boxes Northern Ireland :Small Box : £2.00 each

Bespoke range of double walled removals boxes and a full range of packing materials, tape, markers, bubble wrap etc. Cardboard boxes Northern Ireland

Double Wall, 2 ply corrugated cardboard box. Suitable for smaller items such as DVDs, CDs, Books, Ornaments , Crockey. •    370mm x 370mm x 310mm


Medium Box :  £3.00 each

Double Wall, 2 ply corrugated cardboard box Suitable for Shoes , larger  books, pots and pans, glasses or small linens. •    330mm x 460mm x 330mm


Large Box :  £3.50 each

Cardboard boxes Northern Ireland :Double Wall, 2 ply corrugated cardboard box Suitable for Toys , large linen, pillows, cushions, duvets, pots and pans , TV Monitor / Playstation / Labtop •    500mm x 450mm x 450mm


Heavy Duty Archive Box with Lid : £4.00 each

•    Holds Five Lever Arch Files •    300 x 420 x 340mm

wardrobe box northern ireland

Wardrobe Carton:  £10.00 each

Cardboard boxes Northern Ireland :Our wardrobe box is a sturdy 2 ply corrugated box which will easily store 30 pieces upright and comes with a metal clothing rail. Wardrobe cartons are ideal for the transportation and storage of garments. The die-cut cases are designed with a hinged access door, pre-cut carrying slots and used with a plastic hanging bar/rail. Our stock range of garment transportation cartons are produced from heavy duty double wall kraft board to offer maximum strength and longevity. •    1040 x 500 x 450mm

At The Storage Centre we provide a full range of removals boxes and packing materials, pens tape etc. Just call in to the shop anytime and we can also deliver to anywhere north or south of the boarder to save you the hassle